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You're Not Alone!

Robotics can seem like an overwhelming endeavor for parents, teachers, and coaches.  CPCRC exists to come along side students, parents, teachers, and coaches to make robotics fun and managable. We do this through the generous gifts of many peoples time and talents.  Not all of us are engineers or feel comfortable leading a group of 1st graders but we all have something to give in order to 'share the load' and make robotics at Cedar Park great!  Below are the members of the CPCRC board and key system-wide volunteers.  

Ken Toole

Chairman, CPCRC

Ken is a Sr. Director of Engineering at Adobe Systems and serves on the board of Directors of a large non-profit in the Seattle region.  He has a software enigineering background and contributes his management and organization talents to CPCRC as our current board chairman.  He and his wife have 3 kids, 2 of which attend Cedar Park, Bothell campus.

Trish Toole

VP - Programs, CPCRC

Trish is an Occupational Therapist at Provail, a local non-profit serving people with disabilites in the King and Snohomish County areas.  She has a background in education and early childhood development and works with complex technology solutions for her OT clients.  Trish and her husband have 3 kids, 2 of which attend Cedar Park, Bothell campus.

Stacie Blosser


Stacie has a teaching background and has lead the Junior FLL prgoram and Cedar Park Bothell for the past N years.  

Frank Yang

Faculty Advisor, CPCRC

Frank leads the Engineering Design curiculum at Cedar Park Bothell High School and is a mentor on the 'varsity' FRC team at Cedar Park.  He has lead a High School robotics club the past two years providing students an 'intramural' robotics experience.

Scott Christiansen

Varstiy (FRC) Coach, CPCRC Board

Scott has lead the top level FRC competition team at Cedar Park since it's inception in 200x.  Scott and his tteam of mentors have built a power-house program in the northwest with back to back appearances at the FIRST international championships in the past two year.

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